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ES Designs provides consulting services and hosting for websites through tools from UserLand Software. Userland's Frontier, Manila, and Radio provide a strong platform for building web-based applications and sites.

With over 6 years experience building tools and applications with Frontier, ES Designs provides expert consulting on developing and hosting Manila sites, as well as, building tools for Frontier and Radio.

News and Info

Manila Hosting

 ES Designs is pleased to announce our New Manila Hosting service. We offer competitive pricing and access to ES Designs custom Manila features, like improved member administration, discussion group administration, and email distribution.

 Our basic Manila hosting package offers a custom domain name, up to 100 subsites and 500 Mb of disk space for $30/month or $300/year. We also offer discounts for educational and non-profit institutions. If you are interested in setting up a Manila site through ES Designs, please contact us at

Manila Sightings

 ES Designs develops Manila websites for non-profit and neighborhood groups in San Jose. Community Voice and the Naglee Park website are Manila-based sites that combine static pages and dynamic Manila elements into a single seamless website. De Anza College's directory of faculty websites is a Manila site that allows faculty members produce their own Manila websites.

FrontierMath updated for OS X

 FrontierMath is an dll extension that provides math functions for Frontier 5 and later. FrontierMath was developed for ES Designs by Arnold Lesikar. Andre Radke recently updated FrontierMath so that it can be used with Frontier 7 running on Mac OS X. Many thanks to Andre for the update. More Info...

ES Designs moves to Manila

 The ES Designs website was first build with Frontier 4.0. Since then Frontier has made many improvements in its web building tools, culminating in Manila. We have now flipped the switch and the ES Designs site is now being built through Manila. You can still access most of the old site through the "Archive" link, but let us know if something is missing.

 One aspect of the new site is that you can join into discussions of information on the site or anything that ES Designs is doing. Just follow the "Discuss" link.


 webScheduler started life as a cgi for Frontier 4.0. It moved to a Manila plugin architecture in March 1999. Unfortunately, there was a significant amount of legacy code in the first webScheduler plugin. We have recently started reworking webScheduler to remove this code and allow users to customize the appearence of webSchedulers calendars and schedules.

 We are also working with webScheduler to add contact management tools, incorporate xmlStorage and upstreaming, and provide a Radio interface.