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About ES Designs

ES Designs is a earth science consulting venture focusing on geologic applications in environmental restoration and resource assessment studies. We are devoted to quality service through a detailed understanding of hydrogeologic systems and innovative use of computer technologies.

ES Designs is a hybrid venture. On one hand, it provides quality geologic consulting, and on the other, it provides tools for efficiently performing geologic evaluations. As you explore this site, this hybrid nature will become apparent. Most of the site is devoted to the computer tools that I have been developing. The site provides examples of some of my web-based applications and tutorials for using computers to assist geologic evaluations. Part of the site, however, is devoted to geologic topics.

Geology is an important science to our society. Most of the raw materials used to drive our society and culture are derived from the earth. Water and energy resources, as well as, building materials are extracted from the earth. Efficient extraction of these materials requires knowledge of the deposits and how they are formed. At the same time, many of our waste products are introduced into the earth. An understanding of the geologic conditions around these contaminants is necessary for accurate monitoring and rapid cleanup.

As the world's population increases exponentially, scarcity of energy resources becomes a less important problem. Scarcity of potable water, on the other hand, becomes a paramount problem. Finding new water resources and remediating existing resources will become a major focus in the next century.

ES Designs is focusing on developing tools to help geoscientists be more efficient. At the same time, by promoting efficiency, we allow greater flexibility for research ventures. If less money is spent on collecting and manipulating data, more money is available to develop innovative solutions to resource scarcity and remediation. Through the use of its tools, ES Designs plans to be at the forefront of groundwater resource management and remediation.

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